Final Resolve

Fred Leclercq about Final Resolve

Final Resolve was one of the first songs I came up with when it was time to work on „Repulsion for Humanity“. I guess it kinda set the tone for this album. We still have the elements of Echoes, the intricate parts, the technicality, the radical approach, and the vocals are more evil than ever; but there are also more straight-to-the-point songs, something we started with „Army of Chaos“, and even more with „Ashes“. So you have songs like „Nuit Noire“, „Rise of the Light Bearer“ which are very brutal, technical, and then „easier“ songs, like „Sacred Martyr“, or „Final Resolve“.

On this particular song there’s the bridge, which is very tribal, with the tom pattern almost hypnotic. I wanted to emphasize this rhythmical part, but wasn’t sure how, apart from recording an extra layer of toms (which we did, played by Stephane, Joey, Nico the drum engineer and myself) and then I had an epiphany: Stephane is now playing with „Les Tambours du Bronx“, why not ask them to play on the song? They accepted straight away, and so you can hear those metallic percussions fitting perfectly with the vibe of the song.

I also wanted to expand the melodic aspect, the guitar part before the solo has a very Cacophony/Jason Becker vibe to it; I’m influenced by the music I grew up listening to, so it’s always fun to analyze a song once it’s out and try to figure out where the original idea came from. And by the way, when I say „melodic“ I don’t mean the boring chord progression I-V-VI-IV. I refuse to do that with Sinsaenum. It will never happen. We will never  fall into the „Melodic Death Metal“ category -over my dead body (laughs). My personal limit is „Heartwork“ from Carcass. This album has melodies, but they are not obvious, heard-a-million-times-already choruses that a lot of bands seem to cherish and abuse these days. Anyway…So yeah, „Final Resolve“ has rhythmical groove.

As for the vocals/lyrics, I had draft ones for the demo (usually I just use the same few words because I know they sound „good“ or have the right rhythm, but for „Final Resolve“ it naturally came out more elaborated, way more defined than usual), Sean worked on a demo 2.0, bringing his own flow, changing things a bit…and then we sat down with Joey and Sean and took it from there. It was nice to work with Joey because he came up with yet again different rhythmical placements.

For the video itself, we worked with Mathieu Ezan, who also did the video for „Ashes“. He came down to the studio while we were recording the drums, we sat down and talked about how we envisioned the video. We both had the same ideas without really talking about it before which was kind of weird, but also made it clear that it was the obvious choice: something more stripped down, based on the band jamming together, no make-up, no story line, and close-ups on the guitars. Mathieu knows exactly what he wants and we didn’t spend hours and hours to do this video-which is great ‘cos it captured the raw energy that emanates when the five of us play together – something people will soon be able to witness live on tour!!